Monday, 16 July 2018

First weekend away in Margo!

I have only towed once before and once getting Daisy on the drive. It was something my husband always did. 

Still with a huge to do list, I picked a weekend where I was mini people free to hitch up and go! 

Pitched up next to my best mates, 1968 Sprite Major so just a year younger and in a much better state! 

Ditto my Volvo hadn't towed before so just before setting off on my own I did get really nervous! 

She towed her really well and I felt so free. Knowing I can do it on my own and will be able to stay caravanning for me and my mini people! 

Me and my bestie went for a walk around the beautiful Abby, which is free to do and then for a drive in his amazing Moggy!

This is how happy I was when he said I could drive her, I have the coolest friends! I can't wait to do a video on her for you all but he won't let me till one last job is finished! 

As you can see, Margo still has loads to do and even currently has a lightening board on but she's on the road and being used for the first time in more than 20years! 

I have only 2 more curtains to make (I ran out of backing) Its so wonderful to get all my bits in the caravan and what I have found is there is so much room and storage!! LOADS. Its fun to try things in different places to see what would work and fit where.

Had a lovely view of the Abby from my van too! 

She is completely perfect for me and my three mini people. I couldn't have picked or found a more perfect van. 

She still needs another coat of paint on the walls and ceiling, loads of jobs but she's rolling on her own wheels and new a-frame! 

Am a little in love with the Babycham beer mat...this may go for a walk about to my van if he's not careful...

Yes this has been my first chance in years to have a drink with friends......

So after I cooked dinner in my Major, we headed back for drinks in James. 

When I say drinks, I mean a LOT of Babycham.

I was feeling pretty sleepy the next day, but my eyes where green which means I was showing how happy and relaxed I was in the van.

What do you do when your away without your mini people, take loads of photos of your self it would seam! Am not used to being in the videos of when we have gone away, so I wanted to make sure I was in this one! 

I spent the most part of Sunday, laying in the sun drinking coffee and playing records. I don't remember the last time I was truly this relaxed. 

If you don't have a sun lounger, get one, wow! It was so lovely! 

It was lovely to chill out and we had our pick of Majors to sit in! I loved looking for the small differences in just one year. Drawers are so different in the 1968 compared to mine! 

The fabric is just so perfect and you would think it came with the van, so different to my yellows in Margo. 

Lots more work to do on Margo but so worth it. Just one night away and it was like the world had lift from me. I can't wait to get traveling in her this year and to finish a few more jobs on her! 

Am truly lucky to have such wonderful friends and this one is pretty much my little brother. Thank you for all your help with Margo!

Here is my video! 

Mini Glen 1971 - Retro Caravan Tour


Mini Glen 1971

Christine has rebuilt this beautiful little Mini Glen. Putting her own clever touches and details. Truly beautiful charming little caravan! 

She even made the beautiful canopy! 

She rebuilt the kitchen, walls, even window catches! One of a kind caravan, even though she's small she feels light and bright inside. Still cozy and welcoming! 

***Video Coming soon***

Saturday, 2 June 2018

Margo the Major

1967 Sprite Major 

At last I have my dream van, the perfect size for my family. She barely fits on the drive so as soon as she is useable she will head to storage as there is no way I can push her into position on my own. 

Here is the loveliest of people who gave me my dream van! 

She has three areas of concern inside at the moment, a leak in the bathroom (above) which is due to the awning rail coming unattached in this area. 

Damage under the main large skylight, due to a crack, this has leaked down and damaged the berth/top of the unit and the wall. Am hoping this is a patch up and forget about it for now job.

Then the front drivers side corner, this is where part of the awning rail was pulled off by a ride on lawnmower. I have the awning rail but its badly twisted. Fingers crossed I can untwist and replace it. She will need new boards and possible frame at this corner. 

The main, huge jobs are the a-frame, and legs/corner steadies. The a-frame had lost her jockey wheel so had sat in the grass for years, this rotted through the frame. With the help of a wonderful friend I have a replacement jockey wheel and I have found someone who should be able to weld the a-frame. 

She lost a wheel and just had one remaining...

Its half term here, so I couldn't crack on with us much as I would have done. 

I have made a start though, yes am a messy painter but the tyre will be coming off ;) Thats one wheel almost ready (just need some black for the back.)

One more wheel to find, though my friend thinks they have one for me. She is currently sitting on the Alpine's renovated wheels and new tyres but they are too small for her (tyre size) 

One huge problem was the wheel nuts, they are an old size and I had been told hard to find replacements.... I only had the Alpines wheel nuts....two caravans and one set of wheel nuts.....

Then cleaning her one night (the minis where in bed) look what I found hub caps (sadly only one with an S on but will be a great spare) and the WHEEL NUTS!!! Over the moon and made my night to find them. It was going to be a big job to try and find some to replace them. So I spent my evening cleaning hubs and wheel nuts - rock and roll! So just need to save my pennies for new tyres and the a-frame to be fixed and she is almost back on the road! 

Look what else I found!! Cant get anymore retro than this guy!! (Don't worry will have new gas lines and be fully checked out before use.)

Am so excited as I have been collecting a fabric pattern I really love, thinking it would go in the Alpine, but having seen the seats of Margo it was a perfect match.

Its such a perfect beautiful 60's mustard yellow, I love it! All but two are damaged by leaks, but am hoping when placed that won't show. 

When getting vintage wallpaper for the Alpine (click here to read about her) I brought two sets with different patterns. The pretty flower pattern which matched the Alpine perfectly and a yellow pattern, which had 4 huge rolls! (which I didn't think I would get to use)

It was like it was meant to be as it matches perfectly, the colour of the photo doesn't show just how perfectly it matches but will give you an idea.

I can't wait for the moment when am packing all my family bits into the caravan ready to head off on an adventure. 

I had a few sheets in this pattern and I was upset at the thought of having to cut them up to use as curtains but it was looking like the only option. I had fallen in love with the pattern and started using on my 1950's bed. It looks fab with the dark grey walls. Then to my delight I found some curtains in the same patten! Yay!! 

Even though they where well made ones, I needed every inch to make the sizes work and the backing was rotting. Am going to re-line with blackout fabric, I used dim out in Daisy and the difference is amazing. Fingers crossed meaning mini people will sleep in a little longer too, also brilliant for those evenings when the sun is still streaming in. 

Am very excited that I have 3 single quilts in this pattern too, so the whole caravan will be matching ;)

I have managed to get a few jobs done in the evenings, like waxing and painting the drawers. Like I did on the Alpine, lined with the vintage wallpaper, which really catches the light. When they are closed you wouldn't know till opened. Gives a lovely pop of colour, makes old drawers a joy to use. 

Working hard one evening to remove the carpet and start the big job of cleaning her! 

Keep an eye on this blog for more updates about Margo the Major! 

Thursday, 31 May 2018

1967 Major Tour

Going from one photo, I drove 3 hrs with two mini people to try and rescue this Sprite Major. She had been sat just like this for over 20 years.

Click here to read all about trying to get her home.

Owned since new by the loveliest of couples. They brought her in 1967, and she has been abroad, to Scotland and lived in for a month too! Lots and lots of adventures. Am so excited they are going to look for photos of these trips for me. 

I turned up the first time in my Volvo 240 and was told that they used to tow with Volvos!! A perfect match! 

They now have a lovely motorhome for their travels, am so glad to see that they are still off on adventures. 

Lucky they had kept the curtains closed and this saved a lot of sun damage. 

When I had to leave her the first time, having failed to unstick the hitch I felt like I had failed. It had to be removed in the end as no way that could be unstuck without a lot of extra work and heat. So I felt better that it was something no one else could have done on site. 

Hitch removed and hand brake freed, it was time to get the brakes unseized. 

I started to worry that we may not get her rolling, but Dan knew what he was doing and in a flash she was rolling! (Using the wheels from my Alpine. Not the right size tyres for her but for this trip they where fine.)

Seeing her move for the first time, was a big thing for all of us. I had the biggest smile on my face the whole time, my dream caravan at last on her way to her new home! 

Having already gone to see her and tried to move her I had already ordered quite a few of her new parts. Like back tail lights, marker lights and replacement light shades. 

Up on the flat bed she looked huge, but not as big as when we got her home and on my drive! So much so am not sure I can get her back on the drive on my own so looking into storage! 

If you follow my blog you will know that I am from a long line of hoarders, here I am wearing my Great Grandmothers top and Nana's shoes. Am so excited to get the Major to the point where I am packing in all my family bits and bobs! 

Been a long time since anyone has looked back at this view of the Major! 

She needs work on her a-frame and legs before I can get to the fun stuff. The a-frame is out of my skills set so currently hunting down someone to help. Soon as she was back on the drive I got on with other jobs, like removing the curtains, and carpet. Helping the caravan to breath again. Even though there is some damp and damage, she's not wet inside and damage to the seats is not to bad. So once I get cracking it won't be long till she is looking very different! 

There is damage in the bathroom, due to a screw being out in the awning rail. Am hoping once that is fixed she will dry out and I won't have to replace too much of the ceiling. 

Look how amazing the yellow still is on the seat covers!! One to too have damage from the leaks but am hoping when in place that won't show.

I will keep you posted on getting my dream caravan up and running! 

**Video tour coming soon**

Tuesday, 29 May 2018


The Lions Roar

you crash your big strong waves, onto the rocks

so loud and terrifying

a warning for all who watch
the ocean is dangerous

deep, dark, they could drown in you

sinking down into the darkness of your soul

yet you pull back to the shore, to me

showing your power and stillness

the shore waits for you

as you slowly pull each grain of sand back into your depths

reducing the largest mountain to sand given enough time

strong and powerful, so loud you roar, a warning to all but me

for a do not fear the ocean, am drawn to it

 in my hands, water is clear, no depths hidden, 

you relinquish your power to me, you cling to me