Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Renovating a Retro/Vintage Caravan- Plyboarding

This job sounded mega easy.....make sure you keep what ever you pull out so you can use it as a template!! 

My problem, was that Daisy had been patched loads. A few bits of missing ply and what was left was horrible and rotten. I did keep it for ages but in the end I binned it......

Before adding back the ply board I needed to insolate. 

Where Daisy's lights are, she wasn't plyboarded. They had screwed in a strong board. Which could be easily removed to check the lights. So I made another one to match it over the extension (where the bathroom was.) 

The window was quite tricky but it came out really well. (Unlike other areas.) my Grandpa had the great plan of using thick beading, which hid where I had made one section to small for the gap. Once it was cut out, I double checked it fitted and then painted it. 

So much quicker and easier to do this out of the van. I knew I could touch up and bits which chipped.

Once they where dry, I nailed them into place and where they joined I used a bead to cover. 

You can see I have just rested the boards which cover up the lights.

The pillows cover this up ;) just need to cover these pillows and add a few more. It's such a lovely place to sit. Soon as the plyboard goes on, she suddenly looks so different! It's amazing what paint can do! 

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