Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Toad in the hole

This is such an easy family dish, so cheap to make and really filling! Perfect for a tight budget or a minimum fuss midweek meal.


12x vegan sausages (You don't have to cook this many sausages, this fed us 5 (adults with 3 each and 3 children with 2 each. You can half the amount and keep the batter the same if you like lots of batter or up the amount and double the batter.)
1x cup of plain flour
Up to a pint of soya milk, in this case I used soya +1. When am cooking for the kids i use this one.
3x spring onions 

Black pepper, thyme (dried,) fresh rosemary, mint and thyme. (Don't worry if you can't get fresh, you can add your faverate.) Chia seeds. 

Fry your vegan sausages and the spring onions. (These sausages are the tescos meat free ones, but they have changed the recipe and added in egg :( so disappointed. I only noticed that when I was packing them away.) Add black pepper and dried thyme. (To your taste, I like a lot of black pepper!)

Mix the soya milk and flour. Am not 100% sure how much milk I used! It was under a pint but over half a pint. You want to make a very thin batter. Much thinner than pancake batter. Add the fresh herbs to this, I also added chia seeds. 

Once the sausages have started to brown add to a deep oven dish. 

Pour over the batter. Make sure you don't over pack your dish, leaving no space between the sausages. (It was a bit lumpy looking but tasted so yummy.) 

Cook for about half an hour on 200 or till the batter has started to brown. I served it with homemade chips. It was so yummy and really filling! A great, cheap filling meal! 



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