Thursday, 26 April 2018

Our Vintage Caravans

My love of vintage caravans started with my Grandparents static caravan. The hum of the gas lights, whistle of the kettle and going by touch light in the middle of the night to find the loo block. 


Our first caravan, a 1969 Bluebird Europe Three.

When we brought Daisy home, she was full of rot, holes and damp. She had no road lights, missing trim, dents, spiders, a broken skylight, lots and lots of leaks.... In just 8 weeks, we got her safe and usable. Not pretty or finished but usable. We used her and showed her like that for a season. Then in early 2017 we went back to all the jobs we couldn't fit into those 8 weeks. The list was just as big!!! Click the link above for how she got from damp and forgotten to back out on the road for family adventures! 

Daisy is now in her new home, in Switzerland. Selling her was a very hard choice to make but knowing she is with the perfect family makes it an easy choice. 

Un-Named Sprite 
(Yes I really should name her!)

Our second van, a 1966 Sprite Alpine.

Click here to see Sprucing Up The Sprite

Having sat for 20 years, am hoping to get her back out on the road for family adventurers.


My dream van, at last a 1967 Sprite Major called Margo. 

Sat for over 20 years in a garden, her a-frame rotten into the ground, it took me 3 attempts to pick her up! She was worth the work, a 5 berth, perfect family size van and even though there is a lot of work to do, a lot, she will be my forever van! 

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