Monday, 5 September 2016

10 Top Toys To Take Camping

Camping and Caravanning with kids! 

Parking up your caravan or pitching your tent in the middle of a field is the perfect way for your children to have less screen time. We do take the ipad with us, and in a whole weekend they maybe watch two cartoons- while we are getting dinner on the table or early in the morning.
In a big field, what do your mini people need to keep them busy? 

Here's my top 10 toys and things to take camping!

1) A kite! (In our case, two, as we seam to brake them!)

2) A box of Lego. Keeps all ages busy! We are starting a small box to keep in Daisy our Caravan

3) Books, for a weekend at least 3-5! We read the same one at night time, and that one stays in the caravan. Its become tradition. 

4) Craft stuff: 

-Paint, paint always worries me due to mess but in the great out doors on a warm day, paints can be lots of fun! Leaf painting, etc. Its great fun to do some leaf banging, and mud painting (I will blog about that soon.) or if feeling less brave, Chalks are a lot less messy and wash off a pavement with rain or a splash of water. 
-Paper Roll, amazing from IKEA. 
-Pencils, I've said pencils not pens as my lot have short attention spans and leave pen lids off.
-Small note pad, perfect to save space on storage and each child has their own to fill with holiday fun, drawings, treasure maps, tree rubbings etc.
- Things for a bug hunt can be great, a magnifying glass and note pad are perfect. 

5) Soft ball, when on camp sites/caravan sites the last thing anyone wants is a hard football hitting the side of their van. So soft balls or beach balls are much better!

6) Bucket and spade, things like a toy watering can, spades etc are great at keeping mini people busy. Even when your no where near a beach!

7) Pillow Pet, the kids have one each. Great to snuggle with, lights up at night. Something from home they are used to being with at night and can snuggle with them in the car too. Something like the wind-up touch from Ikea for the kids can work too!

8) Glow Sticks, you can buy them really cheaply from places like Amazon. Great fun to hand out around the campfire!

9) A Push-A-Long or two. A little fold out pram or ride-along bug bike, are perfect to keep little ones entertained. I worried about our little girls wooden pram taking up lots of space but it packed into the car with ease! 

10) Bubbles, I never go anywhere without a pot of bubbles in my handbag or car. If all else fails get the bubbles out! (Away from tents and awnings as may damage the waterproofing, some sites don't allow the use of bubbles. So keep these for your walks in the woods or days on the beach. I use them inside my caravan without any problems.)

Please comment if there's any more you can think of! Oh and don't forget your child's very favorite toy, which they cant sleep without! (Yes, it was a long weekend...)

A few suggestions from my followers have been: a pack of cards, (mine are a little small still but perfect for grown ups too!)  and skipping ropes.


  1. Hi Sally, thank you since sharing the post I have doubled checked this and edited it to add that it can damage the waterproofing of awnings and tents. So shouldn't be used on site. Thank you for your comment. :)

  2. Hi Alice
    Great Blog!
    Play doh in jars always entertains my 4 year old!

  3. Thank you Mary! That's a great tip!