Tuesday, 31 May 2016


Our third trip away with Daisy was to the beautiful Gower, South Wales. I haven't been back to the Gower for years, it's where I was born and spent my early childhood. Having returned through my life to vist family though. Since starting our own little family, getting away to see family has been quite hard but getting Daisy has changed that!

It's brilliant having our own little base, all set up and then going off to vist family without having to take up space or impact on them to much with things like kids bedtimes etc!

This has been our first trip away with Daisy which has felt like a proper little holiday. 

We where recommended the Kennexstone Camping & Touring Park, by another caravan park which was full. Being a bank holiday weekend most places where fully booked. Daisy not needing to have electric hook up means we can squeeze onto a busy site! So Kennexstone where very helpful at finding us a space. I have been really impressed with the site, friendly, helpful staff, clean wash rooms, great warm showers, fab place to wash up the dishes too. The small shop is well stocked and not over priced. We will be coming back again! 

Our trip was very last minute, as the car had a scary knocking noise. We couldn't get her looked at until Saturday, which meant we missed out on going to a club show (with the Retro Caravan Club.) The knocking noise had in fact been our wheels where loose!! Looks like someone had tried to steal them when our car was parked in the field at Beaulieu for the car show. Shocked, and feel very lucky. That it wasn't something scary broken but also that they hadn't come off while we where towing home with Daisy!

So we couldn't leave till early Sunday and I really underestimated how long the drive would take us too. We didn't arrive till late afternoon but did get to spend a few hours with family before heading back 'home' for bedtime. After spending most of the day in the car, we took the mini people for a run on the beach. Oxwich Bay, I have very fond memeries of this bay and was really looking forward to showing my family it. Even though they had a big run and a dip in the sea, they still wouldn't sleep when we got back to Daisy!! 

Monday we planned to spend a day on the beach, I couldn't wait to show my husband my favourite beach in the world, Llangennith.  I've seen many beaches from Australia to France and the beaches in Gower are by far the best! 

We hadn't brought many toys with us for the beach, living by a beach means we are quite well equipped for heading down last minute to the beach. But being the start of full on summer beach trips we found we had mostly broken buckets and lost spades! So new ones it was, in the mean time they entertained them selfs really well with just Bear's train (won't go anywhere without it and a bit worried we may have left one of the coaches in the sand someone....don't panic!!) a bubble mashine and messing about in sand!

It was just a little cheap bubble mashine from Tescos but it's lasted really well, from kids parties, beach days, playing in the garden and dancing in the sitting room! The kids loved playing with the bubbles and watching them float off down the huge beach. 

Even without spades, lots of digging of holes was done and funny shaped sand castles where built!

Bear loved playing with his retro train (hand-me-down from me) in the sand. 

It was fun spotting all the 'beach art' left by people, Dot and I had a go too! She was wearing a hoodie sun top, I didn't used to think that much of them but it kept her warm and sun safe!

We left the campsite early, and only short drive down to the beaches. The car park was only £3 for a whole day and it was right on the beach (Oxwich Bay was £2) I thought that was a great price for a whole day on the beach. We where running down the huge sand dunes for hours, swimming, building castles and digging in the sand for over 7hrs!

I loved the sign, so true and made sure we cleaned up after ourselves :)

It really is the best beach in the world, we got down there really early to make the most of it. Hours where spent running up and down sand dunes and hunting for the path back to the car. New buckets and spades where brought at the local shop so we are all ready for a summer of trips away in Daisy! 

Am getting the hang of cooking in her now, and cooked my lovely Mango dish. It's easy to pre cook and freeze down and was perfect with rice. It slowly defreezes in the icebox, ready to be reheated. (We haven't fixed in the fridge yet, am quite liking not having any electrics in Daisy. I do think for longer than a few days we will need to buy a hook up for her!)

We had a full vegan breakfast, then I made sandwiches to take for lunch. Daddy made up his mind he wanted a take away dinner and we found the oddest fish and chip shop I've ever been in. Called 'Chips Ahoy' such an odd menu, no veg bungers but spring rolls and onion bhajis! The chips where not all that nice but ok to eat, they where very busy, but I wouldn't go there again. 

I still haven't found a moment to remove her sticker and info from our trip Beaulieu, it's nice though to have a little write up about her. Lots of people stop to ask questions about her! 

Our last day was spent seeing family in Swansea, and the mini people loved playing in the park! Even though we where in a city centre, the parks are huge and full of big trees. Cutting out the traffic noise and making it feel we where still out in the woods! 

The mini people spent ages on this slide, they had so much fun and was nice to mix up a day on the beach and then a morning in the park before the long drive home!

We all had a fab time and going to book in a longer trip at the campsite. Such nice friendly staff, clean and fab hot showers! Was perfect! We are all knackered from the drive so cleaning up Daisy and unpacking can wait till tomorrow. :) 

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  1. What a lovely weekend, good to enjoy it so much :) Piet

  2. It was so beautiful, had such a lovely time :)