Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Yummy Flat Garlic Bread

I just made a very simple bread dough. 

White Bread Flour - I would say about 2 cups
7g sachet of Yeast
Pitch of Salt
Pitch of Sugar

Mix together (you can add a little herbs into the dough too, like rosemary)

Then I added warm water and mixed, till it was a soggy dough.

Kneed on a well floured surface for a few minutes. Popped it back into the large mixing bowl (having dusted it lightly inside with flour) and placed a tea towel over it. 

If my slow cooker was on i would have popped it on top but as it wasn't I did the following : Poured hot water into a larger bowl, Sitting the bowl with the dough in it on top. I left it until it had doubled in size. 

Pulled it out of the bowl, rolled it into a ruff round shape. (Mostly just with my hands, pulling it into the shape I wanted.)

Then I added, finely chopped rosemary/mint and a little thyme. 

Then add the garlic.

I used dried garlic flakes, but fresh would be fine. Sprinkle over oil, which ever one you like, think all I hand to hand was veg oil. Pop in a hot oven, mine was about 200c.

Cook till golden brown and eat as soon as its cooled a little! (Eat it all as its not as amazing reheated)

Its quite a showstopper arriving to the table whole!

Perfect to dip in some vinegar and oil, with a pasta dish or just on its own! 

Easy and yummy! 

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