Thursday, 12 October 2017

Earth Petersfield

My husband and I changed to plant-based/vegan about two years ago. We hadn't found an all vegan restaurant we could try in that time....till now....

Earth in Petersfield!

This was such a mix of compete excitement and confusion! Most of the restaurants I have been too in the last two years, haven't been picked by me and well lets just say its along the lines of 'oh a vegan in your party...erm.'

So I have had very interesting meals put in front of me. Now thats not to say you cant eat out, but we have mostly insured we have taken something with us. Not only does this save you money on your day out, but also insures you wont be trying to find somewhere to eat with over tired and hungry mini people! 

So for my husbands birthday, on a recommendation from a friend, we headed to Petersfield.

We could pick ANYTHING from the menu. I had to put that in caps, as that is so new and so odd. (I want to add here, that options for vegans are getting better but this was still so odd to me.) I had to ask like twice, this is all really vegan? Partly this was due to things being called 'chicken' on the menu, which kept throwing me. Hubby and I had a long conversation on this subject. We get it, its so much easier for a meat eater, changing over to understand, ok, that's like chicken. But for me it freaks me out, I don't want to eat a chicken, I don't want to see that word. For me, I think it should have a name (like their Hulk burger,) and then underneath saying something like 'chicken like.' Am sure a meat eater, could not tell the difference. 

Now, for us, we like the texture of replacement meats. We both don't like if it is to close to the taste, this is due to this panic feeling, of saying, 'hang on I don't want to eat meat.' 

O M GOODNESS, their milkshakes.....WOW. We both had the Mint one (I tried his and had to have my own!) It was just like Mini Choc Chip icecream, my favourite. It was amazing. Am not going to lie we almost ordered a second...

We went for the Hulk and the BBQ burgers. It was AMAZING.

This is mine the BBQ, wow, wow, wow. It was yummy, good, fatty (but not the bad stuff) amaziness. I really had to ask my self questions, was it like a beef burger, no, but I don't think a meat eater would think that. It didn't make me freak out being to like meat but it did taste so good! It also didn't make me think, goodness I have missed meat burgers, it was perfect. 

The portion sizes where not huge. Think posh fast food. The prices where good and even though there was not loads of chips etc, we both felt full. Not horrible over full, nice full. (I can't wait to go again.)


It was a Wednesday daytime, and there was still quite a few people in there. At the back there are tables with plugs and we saw a girl working on her laptop. We both commented it would be a lovely place to do some work from, with a coffee, food or just a shake or cake! 

We tired the popcorn chicken and for me it was a little to close to real chicken. It tasted nice, but don't think we would order it again as the burger was just so amazing that it didn't come close.

 Ketchup is free and on the table, other sauces where 50p each. We didn't need to order anything extra.

Make sure you try their shakes, we both sat how wonderful it would be to take the kids here as kid friendly and so welcoming! 

I loved extra touches like the napkins.

On the back of the menu was loads of facts. Good talking points and I think would really make a meat eater think without being in your face with it. 

I liked that, they are trying to make a difference without being over the top and in your face. 

You can make a difference, just by going to this restaurant one time! 

Am going to add this photo again, as trust me you will not be disappointed! 

I have not be paid or asked to do this review, but I want to make sure lots of people hear about it (three of my friends are already heading to Petersfield.) Amazing well done Earth!! 

Wanna go, check out their website here - EARTH

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