Friday, 29 July 2016

Homemade Windbreaker

I've been looking for a windbreaker to Daisy, the ones I've liked have been far to much for my budget. So I thought I would have a go at making one! 

I already had some wood, going unused in the garden. Not round poles I would have picked for this job and far to thick but it's free! 

I've really guessed the size and if they come out ok I will check how high they are! 

My amazing muti tool has come in handy yet again!

Then changed the head to sand, it's not the best sanding ever but they are going to be painted!

You can see the difference a quick sand had made! 

The yellow was attracting far to many flys and bugs so I've painted over in the blue!

 I now have 6, cut, sanded and painted.

While am on the hunt for the perfect  vintage fabric, my mum had the great idea of using bunting! 

It was Dot's birthday and we had a beach day with family and friends! Sand castle building and cake! It was perfect, the first vegan birthday cake I've made was gone in minutes! 

I will update with how to add the fabric, as soon as I find the perfect material! 

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