Friday, 22 July 2016

Pirate Ship Rewards Cart

Our children's school has a reward chart system, based around a pirate ship. They start on the ship, and move to the happy face if they do something wonderful, helpful or makes someone else happy. The sad face is if their actions have upset someone. To get our middle son ready for starting school, I would do the same over the summer holidays. Their new class is named after a sea animal, so I have added them in too, to help get used to them. It's a big thing starting school but for a child with speech delay its huge! 

This is a very quickly drawn ship, happy sun and sad cloud. If I get some spare time I will try and make it a little better!

My idea is that they move up the ship's sails towards the happy sun, for each great thing they do. So far I have stayed away from reward systems but I've seen how well our oldest, Pops, has responded to the schools one so thought it was worth a try. 

It's a long 7wks before school starts, and I want to make sure we make the most of this special time together. While getting Bear used to the idea, that he will move up and down a chart, just like in school. 

Am not a fan or 'good' or 'bad' so am trying to make this more about 'kindness'  'helpfulness' 'thoughtfulness' or your actions have upset someone and this is why. Not, you have been a naughty boy. Etc. When Bear has thrown a few toys over fence, hit and kicked his baby sister, thrown sand everywhere and taken all the photo frames off the wall (I've run out of coffee and it's not even 9am yet) I have to remind my self, not to scream at him and quietly explain to him why that's really unhelpful and unkind....thank god I found some coffee in Daisy this afternoon to last me till shopping day! (He spent a lot of time on the sad cloud this morning, but after a long lovely walk he has been on the ship for the rest of the day!)

Am hoping I get a moment to draw it out a little better or make it in fabrics!

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