Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Building a light for Daisy!

Daisy would have had two gas lights, when we brought her home she had long lost her glass shades. All the gas needed to be overhauled, and thought we may as well take them out. Though I love gas lights, we do have little people who love to play with switches! (The oven as a little off switch hidden away, which stops the gas even if its connected.) 

So after a year of using her, with fairy lights I thought about adding lights back in. There are many options, from gas to 12v. Now we haven't fitted any permanent electric or solar into her yet. I hunted on ebay over a few months, just seeing what came up....

I found a 1950's light fitting...

Fell in love with them and hoped I could make something out of the fitting by cutting the stem shorter. 

When they arrived, they where white and just the shades. I should have read the details more on the ebay post but still I was a little shocked about the colour! So how was I going to attach them? We had no lighting fittings in Daisy. Lots of holes but no fittings. 

My hoarding ways and the local hard-wear shop to the rescue! 

If you can always keep the odd screw and bits you find in your van (I put them in jars and store them.)

A bulb fitting, a few plumbing parts, bit of doweling and some strong glue! 

Getting into the back of that cupboard is hard work! I need to move it down and across a little which I will do when the drill charges! 

Its not perfect but it works! I had brought a camping pull light, but the light from it is really useless! So at the moment there are fairy lights in there. 

Cant wait to use Daisy! 

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