Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Doing Up Daisy - Second round of works

Daisy 1969 Bluebird Europe Three mk4

When we brought home Daisy, our 1969 Bluebird Caravan, she was full of rot, damp and holes. No working road lights, untested gas and no electrics. 

We used her for a season and started on her second round of works in early 2017.

Am so excited to get her finished and at last she is almost ready to get back out for the 2017 season!

She wasn't perfect and pretty on the outside but we where still very proud of how much we got done around work and three minis in just 8 weeks!!

Back to the drawing board!

Read all about how I have gone back to the drawing board, now we have a bit more time for these next works and had a few supply problems! 

Update on Daisy's roof garden

I did run from Daisy screaming for my husband, but in the end I did it! Daisy's new 1970's skylight.

Daisy's New Coat

There is a lot of sanding to do on Daisy!! How we sanded a retro caravan, removed her rails and painted with Rustolem paint!

One thing I have wanted to do since we brought her, is paint outside. Her paint job was a mess, missing paint, dents, missing trim.... Its a big visual impact, she looks like a shed. Also its about her being water tight too. The awning rail has always scared me, the awning rail is where old vans can leak. Taking it off was a huge and scary job! For the season we where going to use her, having not done this big job I covered it in sealant to protect it. (I would advice, don't do this, do this job first, if you have to come back to this like we did it will add work getting it off!) 


Lights! Daisy does yet have electric or solar. We have been using fairy lights, and that's worked fine. Cooking though, needs a little more light......Using some 1950's shades I built my own lights! They are almost perfect I just need to move them a little. 

We are working on this round of works right now, so make sure you bookmark this page to see what we do next! From build a bunk bed, shelf and making curtains! (Also still have to get that awning rail back on!!)

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