Monday, 26 February 2018

NEC Caravan, Camping & Motorhome Show 2018 February

My very first Caravan, Camping & Motorhome show and wow, there was so much to see!!

I was blown away by just how much there is to see and do while at the show. It really would be a fab day out for the whole family. 

My busy mini people stayed at home this time as it was my first one. It would have been hard to see as much as I did if I had taken them with me - Lots of chasing after them am sure. Having said that, there was so much for the children to do I know they would have had an amazing time.

There was no way I could get round the whole show in one day, I had a big list of things I wanted to see and didn't miss too many. 

Being a retro gal, Gladys was pretty much top of my list and she didn't disappoint!! 

Click here for a blog all to her self! 

The thing I was looking forward to the most was our met up.

I meet so many wonderful people, and here are just a few of us. 

The Trudgians

Make Way with the Morleys

Caravan Gossip

The Stallwoods

Rob Earnshaw

Touring Britain

There really is a wonderful little family on YouTube full of amazing channels. I was gutted to miss out on quite a few wonderful people I was hoping to meet, but I will at the next one! 

I was very excited to look round an Airstream, a vintage Airstream is one of my dreams. I adore that they have changed very little on the outside since the 1950's! Well, I mean they are beautiful why would you change them.

I 1950's Airstream in a beautiful meadow of wild can dream! 

Everywhere you looked there was something to see, I love these little mini caravans. They where taking round to dealers, to show off the new models. They where easier for the sales man to show, and tow around the UK showing them off! There are still a few around, I know my mini people would have been very, very excited to see a mini size caravan! (I don't think that chain would have held them back!)

Another stand high on my list was Swift, and their Sprites! As am sure you know, we have a 1966 Sprite Alpine, and as they are still being sold today I was looking forward to a look round.

A sprite Major! Very different to my friends 1968 Sprite Major

Another wonderful thing about going to this show, is you get to look around all the accessories. Seeing a product in real life, and getting some show bargains! I was very good and didn't spend lots but I warn you, people did leave having brought a new caravan after just looking at accessories ;)

 I had heard wonderful things about Duvalay from The Tudgains click here for their video all about the great products from Duvalay and it was great to see their products in real life! When I have finished sprucing up the sprite I maybe making a big purchase with them! 

Huge thank you to Gorilla Super Glue!! Knowing I was going to be on my feet all day, I wanted to wear my Great Grandmother's 1970's shoes. They are so nice to wear, and very comfy. The cobbler had given up on them, telling me that the glue wasn't going to cut it any more on these very old shoes.....They are heading for 50 years old but one of my favourite pares of shoes so I was very upset to have been told that. Well, enter stage left a huge Gorilla and his Super Glue! A whole day of walking, and they are still stuck perfectly! 

My mini people may have missed out on the show but thanks to Whale, they had a little goodie bag each! They where extremely excited by the balloons and took their mini Whales to school this morning to show everyone! 

I highly recommend visiting this show, so much to see, so much to keep little people entertained! Wonderful and very much looking forward to the October show! 

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  1. Thank you so much this blog and for our mention. It was a smashing meet up and a great day out.