Thursday, 8 February 2018

Removing External Insulation- 1966 Sprite Alpine Vintage Caravan Restoration

Back at some point in her past, our Sprite Alpine had been insulated underneath on the outside. 

Before I could really start to list the jobs which needed doing and make a plan. I needed to get all this off, so I could check what was going on underneath it all.

This is the water pump from the kitchen, I had to unscrew it to get the carpet out.

The first and most important job was to get her breathing again. That means stripping out anything which was keeping the damp trapped in the van. So out first was the wet carpet and I was so excited to the lino! Check out my little video below of finding lino - 

Then the next job, after the carpet and getting all the seating/mattresses up and away from bases. (Helping the air to move around the van.) Was the insulation.....

Trapped between the fiberglass and the plastic was lots of water...a lot of the fiberglass insulation was black with rot....

Getting it off meant that I could check the flooring, get to the chassis. Which I want to rub down and paint. 

I could also see what on earth had been wired in.....

There is a lot going on under there, they have pumped in the porta-potty, a water pump for the kitchen, a lot of wires just hanging loose not attached to anything and interesting things going on with the gas pipes...

There is just the middle section to go now, and am very happy to see, so far there is not much damage!! 

Here is my little video about removing the insulation.

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