Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Renovating a Retro/Vintage Caravan - Almost Ready

8wks, wasn't much time at all! 

I had begun to really panic about getting Daisy perfect in time for our very first outing. Then I thought about how my mothers boat has a big list of jobs for the months she's on winter layup. I thought to my self, I should treat her like an on going project. Any boat, old car or even house needs maintenance. So I began looking at Daisy differently. What are the main things we need to do, so she's safe and dry. 

Then what do we need so it's nice to sleep in her, what can wait? In 8wks, we have managed to get her useable, not perfect but useable and safe! With all our pennies going on things like hooking back up the cooker, replacing wood, plyboard (was much more expensive than I thought.) It hasn't left us much left over for fabrics and pretty bits. So I've managed to use some left over fabric to pin up at the Windows. (Until I can rebuild the window curtain rails and curtains.)
It won't look perfect but will mean I can come back to that job!

I love bunting, I've run out of the fabric!!! It's been discontinued, fingers crossed I can find more!! (Nope, none, nothing. Click here to see what the new plan is for Daisy, colours, curtains and fabrics...)

Henry and I had a big clean up today. There is more to build inside Daisy but will most likely be after her first trip!

I got to put up my feet for a moment today, you can see I've been painting in these jeans!! It was so wonderful to at last sit on the bunk I've built! 

I couldn't have done this build without help from a baby carrier and my amazing Grandpa!!

He's been a superstar! Helping to get the window trim on, fixing a brake away cable, rebuilding the handbrake (at some point in her life time it was welded to the off position!) and helping me wire in all the back lights. In his 80's he maybe, but he was laying under Daisy wiring in her earthing wire like a pro! I've learnt so much and really enjoyed him popping over to help. Am a very lucky girl to have him to call on! 

Everyone needs a good Grandpa in their life's, Daisy and I are very lucky!!

I have done a lot of work my self, but Daisy has really brought us together as a family, working on her. It's been so much fun, hard work and wonderful seeing how much the children love her.

Our boys are very behind with their learning and understanding. So it's really good to hear them saying things like 'hello Daisy' when our oldest comes home from school. Or 'let's play in Daisy.'

Bear with his favourite toy, my old Fisher Price train. Over 30yrs old, goes everywhere with him, even bed!  

She has not only given us a way of having fun cheap holidays but an extra playroom! She has become an extension to the house. Having a meal in Daisy is such a big treat for the children. 

She has come such a long way since we brought her home. She still looks knackered from the outside but we are coming back to working on her looks. We just needed her to be usable and what she looks like outside is not a top priority. 

Everly time I look at her I smile, she makes me so happy. Knowing all the fun family times we are going to have together. Family out doors fun is so important. It's easy to put a film on and clean the house, but being off in Daisy no washing to do, minimal cleaning. I can't wait! 

She looks very different to my first video, no more holes in the floor or rotten wood!!

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