Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Renovating a Retro/Vintage Caravan - The Back Bunk

When we took the bathroom out of Daisy, it left us with a gap. The best thing was to extend the bunk over this gap! Making one long back seat/sleeping bunk! 

The bathroom was taking up so much space! And there is so much more light in Daisy now it's been removed! 

Before I could get to the job of extending over the bunk, we had to fix all the rotten wood, replace part of the floor, rewire all the back lights and reboard the back! It's felt like it's taken ages to get to this point but in fact it's only been a few weeks!

Wires and tested, insolation in place and boarding begun! 

The old bunk is back in place!

Feels great to see this back in place, it's been proped up out of the way but now I get a real feeling of her almost being useable! 

I was thinking about making the frame outside the van and then puting it in. A little like the main bunk. But I just went for it! Am hoping I won't ever need to take it out, but I will make it easy to get to the wirers for the lights.

At some point someone replaced the wood on top of the bunk, at the front of the van. So sitting lose was this old lifting lid from it! It's great to reuse something, means I have less work too. The baby woke from her nap so will have to get back to this later.....

So excited with how well this bunk is coming on! When the bathroom was here it was set a little back. If the main bunk was extended along this line, would overhang the doorway! I could have set the main bunk back into line but then I would have had to cut down the back. 

Once the mattresses are in, this gap really won't show and I like showing where things have been changed! 

Am quite proud of it so far, but I've run out of wood at the moment.....not much to do, just the back and some hinges to get! 

Needs another layer of paint but the back bunk is done! 

Our two boys topped and tailed in the back bunk on our first trip. It worked perfectly. It's such a lovely space now, the bathroom has been removed and am so proud of my hard work (with the help of my awesome Grandpa!!)