Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Coconut Curry

Coconut and Butternut Squash curry.


1x tinned tomatoes 
1x coconut milk
1x butternut squash
2x mid-large red onions
1x yellow pepper
1x green pepper
1x leek
2-3 sticks of celery
Large handful of frozen cauliflower (not needed but I love cauliflower) 

Black pepper, Rosemary, chili powder, curry powder (mid) 

How to make:

Chop up the butternut squash, and pop in cold water. Bring it to the boil till they have started to soften.

Chop up the onions and peppers, into large chunks.

Fry in a little veg oil, till starting to brown.

Add the leeks, also cut quite large.

Add herbs, spices, black pepper and sesame seeds.

I transferred it to a large cooking pot at this point. 

Add tomatoes and coconut milk. Refill one of the tins with water and add, three times. (You may only need two depending on the size of your pot, just make sure the veg is covered.) 


You don't want to over cook the butternut, so only boil till starting to soften.

Add butternut to the main mix, stir in carefully. 

Once it's started to boil, turn the heat right down and leave. 

I throw in some frozen cauliflower at this point. 

Cook for about an hour and a half. 

It was perfect with this Cous Cous and bulgur wheat.


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