Saturday, 11 June 2016

Onion Nut Roast

I haven't made a nutroast for a while and really wanted to make some stuffing this weekend. I thought I will combine the two and make a nutroast more how I would make stuffing! It was yummy, hubby went back for 3rds! 


1x Leek
2x Red Onion
3x Celery Sticks
1/2 a large courgette
Hand full of dryed apricots
Hand full of white mushrooms
One roll of ready to roll puff pasty
1/2 a hand full of almonds
Hand full of walnuts
1x vegetable stock cube
Breadcrumbs (homemade are the most yummiest.) Depends on how hard you like your mix I would say 1-2 cups. 

Chia, sunflower, pumpkin and sesame seeds. Rosemary and thyme. Black pepper. Sprinkle of chilli powder. 

How to make:

Crush up the nuts, add the seeds and herbs. Cut into very small chunks the apricots. Mix. 

Cut off the ends and peel the onions (leave whole.) Then boil until soft. 

Blitz them in a blender, and stir into your seed and nut mix. 

Fry the leek, courgette, celery and mushrooms till they are starting to brown. Pour water till it covers them and add one vegetable stock cube. 

Cover and leave till soften. (Let most of the water evaporate but take off the heat with a little left.)

Add to your mix and stir. Add in herbs aswell.

Add to a cooking tin. I like using a loaf tin. 

I put a layer of breadcrumbs on top and then cooked it till these where golden brown. (This makes the mixture very wet and sticky still. Which was yummy. If you would like it firmer, cook for longer with tin foil over it.)

You can serve it like this or do like I do, for extra yummnes and roll over with puff pastry!

I washed it with oil to make sure it came out golden brown.

I ended up with a huge log which would feed about 8 or 4 very, very hungry (aka hubby having 3 helpings) people! 


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