Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Charlie *update*

Well I promised I would update you on how they had got on with Charlie.......drum roll please......

I really love this little caravan, but I knew from the last time I looked around was a huge job, huge! I knew they could do it, but I also knew that this wasn't going to be the *dream* caravan....

She was a proper, proper mess. 

*Enter Sprite Major stage left....*

Just when they had got into the swing of getting this caravan from rotten mess to is there something here we can save....a long came their dream caravan. A 1968 Sprite Major. Click here to read all about her and see a tour.

So what about Charlie? Not being a rare model, James and Natasha made the hard choice of selling her. Knowing she is going to be broken up to help save at least three other models. One of them is very rate and an important model to save. Anyone with a love of retro/vintage caravan is going to be heartbroken to hear of one, being chopped up for parts. But and its a BIG but, not all can make it and some will go towards saving others. 

The beauitful shelf's which James worked so hard to resort will live on in a new van. So, as much as am sure you are all sad, as am I, we understand that you cant save them all :(

So long Charlie and thanks for all the fish! 

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