Tuesday, 30 January 2018

1968 Spite Major - Tour

James and Natasha have found their dream caravan! 

A beauitful (in need of some love) Sprite Major from 1968

Meet Maranda.

They have been away in her for New Years but she needs a fair amount of work to get her ready for the season ahead! Having said that, she is perfectly usable now.

James and Natasha have been looking for a Major for some time. They are well and truly now a member of Team Sprite as this is their second. They have a beauitful little 1970's 400. Click here to see Betty's tour.

James had been working on another van, a Cheltenham Sable who was in a pretty bad state! Then word came that the perfect Major had come onto the market and that meant he downed tools on the Sable. There is a huge amount of work which goes into saving these old vans (all doable in most cases) and if your heart is not in it, well......You will have to wait for my next video to find out what happened! (Cliff hanger!)

The fab thing about filming a caravan tour in your friends van is he makes you coffee too! Keep in mind I have done this tour not at a show all ready for public viewing but unpacked for winter. I will be checking back in with them when they have finished all the planed works!

With coffee in hand we chatted about the plans they have for the van and all the little sprite quirks!

Over coffee we went through all the paperwork which had been loving kept with the van. Even the original bill of sale! 

I love seeing the brochures and all the fab photos of them being used! 

The layout is very clever, giving lots of light and a feeling of space. I love how the areas do feel separate, giving a very homely vibe. I know you would be happy in here for an extend holiday.

Her paint work may need some love and a repaint (both inside and out) but I really fell in love with this van. They are lucky am waiting on fitting my tow bar to the new car or I may have tried to leave with her ;)

Am very much looking forward to seeing her at a show soon, finished and set for the occasion! 

Full Tour

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