Saturday, 27 January 2018

Review - Nextbase Dash Cam

Nextbase 112

I had some Christmas vouchers, it came down to a socket set or a dash cam.....can you tell I own a caravan! 

Lets face it, we should all be thinking about getting a dash cam! 
Prices anywhere from a few pounds to hundreds.....what one should you go for?

We went for the middle of the road Nextbase 112, things to note, you will need to buy up too a 32gb miro sd card (a larger card will not work.)

If you fancy a laugh, you can see what happens when I try to film an intro when the toddler was up till 1am the night before.....

Scroll down for full video...

First impressions are really good, easy to work, small but still a good size screen. Which allows you to play back straight away, very helpful if you need to show this to the police on the side of the road. It also takes photos, so if you dont have your phone on you, or like mine its full.....You can take photos of any damage straight away!

There is a really helpful drawing to show where you can place the dash cam, this is to make sure it is within the law (UK.)

For the price I think this is a fab product, even in heavy rain, at night we where still able to see a lot. 

Check out my video for full review and un-boxing:

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