Friday, 18 March 2016

Perfect Rice Every Time!

Rice, thing I love about this way of cooking rice is you can cover and leave it for ages! Allowing time to getting the rest of the meal ready. Think I've offen left it about half an hour at least, or served it within minutes!

About a cup full per person, (half for not that hungry.) I use basmati rice, pour in the rice first into your pan (some people like to rince it first.) Then pour in cold water. I use my thumb, pointed down and resting on the top of the rice. I then fill with cold water till it reaches the first bend line on my thumb! 

Pop on the hob and bring to the boil, keep on a rolling boil (keep a close eye as may bubble over) until all the top water has gone. Leaving holes in the top of rice. 

Now, if everything else is ready and you want to serve it soon, turn down the heat and heat on low for about 5-10 minutes. Keeping a close eye, as it's quick to burn! 

The best way at the point of the holes fourming is to turn off the heat and cover with a teatowel and then lid. Move to one side and get on with the rest of dinner. (Give it at least 10mins, don't check on it often as the steam will be lost.) You can leave it like this for ages, I've left it for at least half an hour and it was still perfect and warm! (Make sure you don't put down the hot pan on something it could damage!)

Yummy perfect rice, every time! (I will add photos when I next cook it!)

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