Saturday, 12 March 2016

Renovating a Retro/Vintage Caravan - Cleaning and Sorting

I had started to feel quite low about just how much work it's going to take to get Daisy finished. Each time I started on one job, I could spot another two....our deadline for the first time we are taking her out is really not far away!

I had a few days, of rain and the baby only taking a small naps. I got my self in a panic about Daisy sitting all on her own and not been worked on. If the baby slept in the night I could have been working nights to catch up! 

Then I had a real think about it and a chat with my mother. I thought, why am I panicking! As long as she's safe and water tight I can have a big to do list for next winter! Straight away I felt better and more energized to get back on!

Suns out so we got all her windows open, with some help from wd40!! I cleaned all the mold and got out the hover. 

The boys dragged out blankets and pillows from the house. Telling me all about where they where going to sleep and making a little den. 

It was so lovely to get all her windows open and some fresh air through. So much light in her when the sun is shining and lucky to have so many windows! 

It felt great to sort through all her cupboards and start cleaning. While making lots of mess in her, it hadn't made much sense to clean her but today the boys wanted to snuggle up while I worked. It is hard to work on something like Daisy around three young children but they love her and want to 'help.' I managed to get quite a lot done, but making a den for them at one end, and painting the other. I put any tools away up high on top of the wardrobe so it was safe for them to be inside with me. Children a little older, would make very good little helpers! So don't let having little minis, put you off doing up a caravan. 

I cleaned the oven, though it's in amazing  condition. Everything which we could remove from the oven, I popped in the dishwater and it's come out lovely! 


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  2. Thank you for your comment Jack! I have no idea what would be high? I hope there are some people reading and enjoying my blog. :)