Thursday, 17 March 2016

Renovating a Retro/Vintage Caravan - Colour by Number

Doing up Daisy 

When I was on the hunt for a vintage/retro van, I had ready picked out the fabric I wanted to use. 

I've had this fabric sitting around, waiting for something really special! I have about four favourite fabrics, so you can tell am fussy!

I love spending hours looking at fabrics and paint. (Hours and lots of pennies!!)

I had some ideas about what colours I would like to use, I knew I wanted to keep her feeling warm and cozy inside. 

I started to think about what would match the fabric. I love grey, it's one of my favourite colours and our house is full of it. It's such a warm calming colour. 

I wanted to use her name, with use of colour and in the soft furnishings.

At last I've brought her paint! So excited to get going with painting the inside! I knew I wanted grey, blue, yellow and orange. It was great to find the perfect matches! I have big plans for the inside, but keeping as much of her retro original interior. I want to show where new bits have been added or changed, but not make it a hodgepodge!

I've been staring at her black stripe for, well since we brought her. I knew I wanted to change it....

The first big change!! Ta da!! This is a very small part of a huge plan for her exterior, but with so much to do inside I will have to come back to the job later! 

It's amazing how much such a small amount of colour has made such a huge impact!!

I wanted to add in the bright colours but not being over powering, so inside the draws works really well. Keeping her looking original looking but a pop of colour when you pull out draw! 

I can't wait to get all these bits back in side her! 


Am so happy with how the colours are coming together in Daisy. There was quite a big moment, where I was panicking, while painting the walls.....the colours are so bright and I was really worried I had picked the wrong colours for her. I've tried to keep as much of the original features inside Daisy. Painting wood is quite scary, as once you have done it, there's no going back!! I've only painted inside the cupboards (almost finished, by heck it's harder work than I thought) So when they are closed she looks original but when their opened, you get a large pop of bright colour. The wood has really started to dry and crack, even though she was full of rot! 

So it's taken at least 4 coats of paint to get anywhere near a good cover. The wood as just sucked in all the paint. So am going to wax over the top once I've finished, this will 'feed' the wood and give the paint some protection from chipping. 

Even though there is still some wood to finish I've started kiting her out. It's really exciting to see the colours working, now things are back in their rightful places!


  1. Look forward to seeing your progress. I love your colour scheme and fabric. I am just at the stage of collecting pictures while the caravan is rebuilt.

    1. Thank you for your comment! It's such an exciting time, I've spent hours looking at colours and fabrics.