Saturday, 19 March 2016

Renovating a Retro/Vintage Caravan - Make Do and Mend

So often people rip out the original furniture, in these old vans. I wanted to keep as much as possible and show where things had been replaced or mended. Daisy is 47 years old and it's ok to have a few dents and bits mended!

She has two tables, this is the smaller back one. It had started come apart.

Nothing that a bit of a clean up and some glue couldn't fix! 

Her wood under the table had become very dry and started to crack. A big clean and some wax has brought out such a lovely colour! (Even had the help of a mini person!)

Lots of people paint the old would veneer, filling in any holes, hiding the imperfections. I quite like her little dents and dings! I want to keep her looking original but with a few surprises...

Big tip, when painting use some cardboard!best tip my mother has given me! 

Ive picked out four colours for Daisy, I normally only use three main colours and really toyed with the idea of dropping the yellow....but am trying to keep the end look in my this is so bright right now!! 

I wanted to open the draws and get a pop of colour. Am trying to remind my self that when these are in place you won't see much of these mega retro bright colours!  

All old things will need a bit of help over the years, so am sure I will be gluing and waxing again soon!

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