Monday, 3 October 2016

Best gifts for a newborn

A lady came up to me and dot while we where shopping, she asked us for help. 'What should I buy for a new baby, am on my way to meet them now.' She explained that she hadn't had children her self yet and had no idea what would be a helpful good gift. As I had a young baby with me, she was hoping I could help.

My little Newborn wrapped up in the blanket I made her, I will share soon how to make a simple baby blanket.

So often people just buy for the baby and forget about all the mummy. Any gift you give will always be wonderful and thoughtful, as you have gone to the time to get something. Here are some tips to help:

Don't forget mummy;
I had just got back from the hospital and my grandfather arrived, with a beautiful bunch of flowers. A simple gift but so lovely. Some nice products for the bath, a cooked meal for the freezer or something just for her, (my mother got my step sister some nice pj's) perfect!

Clothes for baby:
Top tips for buying clothes for a newborn, pop the receipt in. It may not be to their taste or the right size. Also if you can buy a full out fit, so if buying a cute dress, get the matching tights. Its great to have a whole matching outfit ready to go! Go up a few sizes, if you haven't checked baby's size. Its safer to go up a few sizes, say 6-9 months. Keep in mind, if going to 6 months, think about if it will work then. Will they need a showsuit in 6 months time? If your not sure what clothes to buy, you can play it safe with vests, socks, tights, a towel even.

If your getting a toy for a newborn, keep in mind that they wont be all that interested till about 3-6 months. So a playmat could be perfect. What about a teething toy or something to hang on their car seat or pram. Cot mobiles can be cute but often already brought, a teddy will always be needed or books to read to them.

Be a good guest:
Becoming a new parent, is a crazy sleep deprived time where mostly mummy wants to sit on the sofa feeding baby while wearing pjs. So try and be a good guest, don't over stay, its so knackering entertaining guests in the early days, even the lovely ones! Keep an hour, to hour and half in your mind, (at most in the very early days) and try to help while there. If your going at lunchtime why not being some ready made food or make some sandwiches? Then you know that mummy and daddy are feed and watered! Tidy up too, when my lovely cousin came to see us after our first was born, she was amazing, helped me find ways of winding him. Cooked and cleaned up my kitchen without me even seeing! Often easy guests are ones who have had children so understand, so keep these things in mind when you visit in the early days, don't over stay, tidy up after you, be positive! Horrible when people comment, oh your in your pjs or look at your kitchen, yes people ready do this!

Home made:
Pretty much nothing beats something home made with love for a new baby! Blankets are what I love to make for a new baby. Easy and fun to make, always needed, always useful! I loved the little jumpers which where made for our mini people. I have kept each one for them to see when they are older. Homemade means so much more.

Something Different:
A frame or keepsake box is a great gift. One of our boys, had a Star named after him. That was a wow gift!

If your stuck get a voucher. It may not look like a huge gift, but they are so helpful.

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