Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Review - Le Creuset Kettle

The perfect kettle for our retro caravan, a Le Creuset whistling kettle.

Our retro caravan Daisy, being 47 years old, doesn't have all the mod cons. So we don't have large water tanks, or pumps or ruining water. The first thing I noticed about this kettle is how much water it holds. We had been using a camping kettle, which couldn't even fill one hot water bottle! 

I had to have a whistling kettle for the caravan! The sound of the kettle coming up to the boil in the family static caravan is a huge childhood memory of mine. 

The old fashioned look of the kettle is perfect for Daisy and suits my taste to the tea! :)

Its heavy but I like that, its beautifully made.  Am sure it will still be going strong in years to come and I will be able to pass onto my Grandchildren.

When looking up other peoples reviews, many have had problems with lime scale build up. I've been using this kettle for months now and as with any such 'on the hob' kettle I have cleaned it by boiling up lemons. So I just chopped in half a few lemons and filled up the water level to the max point. Then boiled it, tipped out the water and reboiled again. (If there is a large build up, use vinegar too.)

This is not an electric kettle, its an old school 'on the hob' kettle. Its very different. It takes much longer to boil, the water stays hotter longer. Its perfect for the caravan, but I have still used it at home. Keep that in mind if your buying it to make a 'quick' cup of tea, this is not a quick fix, its an experience! I love it!

Le Creuset have not paid or had any involvement in this review, though I love their stuff so if your reading feel free to send me more ;)

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