Monday, 3 October 2016

Homemade Baby Shower Gift

One of the most fun gifts I received at my first baby shower, was a nappy cake from my mother. I loved it so much it took pride of place in his nursery.

They are great fun to make and if like me you pass on preloved items, its a great way to show them off.

I made a cake style for my sister in law, with a mix of preloved and brought items, from toys, nappies to clothes. 

So when my step sisters baby shower came up, I wanted to make a nappy cake with a difference!

Veg Box (Apples)

Here's how you make it-

The Nappy Veg Box

You will need, a veg box (many supermarkets give these away) red or green tissue paper (red or green apples) green card for the leafs, and green piping. (Don't forget the scissors pen and sellotape!)

First pick out all the items you would like to fill your veg box with. Large items, such as towels and snowsuits can lay flat on the bottom of the veg box. Cover them in a layer of tissue paper, in the same colour as your apples. 

You don't have to make just apples, how about, bananas with yellow tissue paper or pears with light green! And so on.

Try to get each apple, fruit or veg, into about the same size. Fold and wrap. I found clear sellotape, worked best to hold the tissue paper.

Then cut the card into leaf shapes, a mix of two per apple looked the best I found. Then write on one of the leafs what the item is in side the apple. This way they don't need to be opened until needed. I wrote the size of the item and if it was pre-loved where it had come from. I passed on things which her father had brought my first born. I felt really lovely to keep special items in the family. (Yes I was raised by a hoarder!)

Then cut down the green pipes to the size of stems. I turned over the ends so there was no sharp parts on show. Push through the leaves, onto the stems. Join by sellotape, to the apple or item you have made.

Place in the veg box and add a big tag, so they know who has given this fun, baby shower/new baby veg box!

'This was such a unique and gorgeous gift and was such fun to open! Such a brilliant idea, and very very thoughtful. I especially loved the descriptions on each leaf telling the story behind each outfit. He's going to be the best dressed baby ! 
Thank you so much  xx'

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