Monday, 17 October 2016

Puff Pies

So my husband dropped the Nut Bomb! We were talking about Christmas, this will be our second vegan/plant based Christmas. He said he's doesn't really like Nut Roast!!!! Oh no!! I love the stuff and got ok at making what am I going to do! 

I started thinking about pies. I used to make pies quite a lot but this was pre-changing our diet. Perfect a Christmas Pie, and a nut roast this Christmas it is then!

I need to work on the perfect Christmas pie, so here is my first bash at it-Puff Pie.

I love making my own pastry, but I just have no patience or cold hands for my own puff! I often make my own shortcrust pastry for the bottom and brought puff for the top. Tonight, I just used brought puff (pretty much all of them are dairy free!) Click here for my easy shortcrust pastry recipe!


2x small sweet potatoes
1 large onion
Half a small leek
1 veg stock cube
1 roll of puff pastry
3-4 vegan sausages (I cooked a pack of 6 and had some left over)
1 pack of apple stuffing (I used maybe 3-4 table spoons of it, loads left over) 

I had lots of the mixture left over, this makes 6 pies. If you keep all the amounts the same but had two rolls of puff pastry you could make 12 pies.

You will need a muffin tin, muffin cases and something like baking beads. (I used dried soya beans.)

Pre-bake the bottoms. Till starting to brown.

Fry the onions and leeks with a little black pepper. When starting to soften add the sausages (mine where Tesco, they have added in egg into their recipe :( they where frozen and cooked from frozen.)

Dice up the sweet potato and add.

Follow the directions for your veg cube, I guessed mine and added 300ml of just boiled water and mixed till it was melted. Then add to the sausages.

Reduce down a little and chop/lightly mash up once sweet potato has soften. 

Pop a bit of stuffing in the bottom, then layer on top the mixture (to much thin juice will soften the bottoms of the pies lots so keep that in mind for when you remove.)

Add a top of pastry and brush on oil. 

Cook till golden! 

I took off the tops and used to table spoons to pull out the pies then replaced the tops. This is just one way of cooking them, so keep an eye out for more pies coming soon!

Served with creamy mash and thick gravy! Yummy!

I made them again, adding in some chopped up swede! 

This time, I used a star cutter. Using three different sizes. The largest, for the base made with my own short pastry (click here for a link to how to make it.) Then two smaller sizes made from brought puff pastry for the top!  It looks a little bit more special compare to a square, a Christmas Star!  

I love the size of these pies, muffin pies! They look a little different and fun in this size! 

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